Scoring and Awards

We care about our dancers and want to make this as fair as possible!


Good sportsmanship is a must by all who attend HUSTLE events. We expect fairness and respect for one’s opponent, as well as graciousness with awards/placements.

Part of competing with HUSTLE is to learn and grow; as well as accepting your placement, keeping spirits high and preparing for the next competition. 


We will have the same 3 judges adjudicate a division and a 4th judge who will monitor that routines are in the correct categories. After the competition, HUSTLE will send the judges audio critiques and score sheets to the registered email. 

If judges see a routine is not in the correct category/division they can move the routine where it fits best.

Ex: If a true intermediate dancer enrolls in a beginning category, the judges can move that routine to the intermediate skill level for adjudication. They can also move a jazz routine that has a vast amount of tumbling and/or acro to the Acro or Open category etc. 


There will be several award ceremonies throughout the event. This will hopefully help with seating capacity and dancers/families having to stay all day.

HUSTLE will rank each routine according to the judges’ scores. Each routine will be placed in either: 






  • All Solo/Duet/Trio participants will receive a medal. HUSTLE will have specialty awards and a highpoint winner in each skill level. 
  • Team day- Each studio will receive an award and every dancer will get a HUSTLE gift.  We will have specialty awards and a highpoint winner in each skill level. All 1st/Diamond rankings routines will receive an additional award. 
  • If there is only one routine in a division, they will not automatically receive a 1st/Diamond ranking. The routine will fall in a point system and be given an award based on the score.

AKT award:

On team day each studio will pick a routine from their studio to win the AKT award. This is a very special award for HUSTLE.

I got your six:

Before each award ceremony there will be a game called “I got your six.” This is for ANYONE to play and is easy, fast, and fun. There will be a $5 fee to enter and a prize for the winner.

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