Additional Information


Solo, Duet, Trio routines are restricted to 2:45 min 

Team routines are restricted to 3:00 min

Production routines are restricted to 10:00 min

If you need more time, please email It is crucial to keep the events on time. 

  • Please bring a backup plan in case the music does not work on the day of the event. 


Event Schedule:

The schedule will be sent out weeks before the competition date to see if there are any changes needed. The schedule will be finalized a week of competition.  

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. 


Good sportsmanship is a must by all who attend HUSTLE events. We expect fairness and respect for ones opponent, as well as graciousness with awards/placements. 

Dressing space: 

There will be dressing space, but it could be limited/shared depending on the event location. These spaces must be left cleaned at the end of the event and free from damage.  


The individual/studio is responsible for any embellishments left on the floor. Please clean up quickly so the event stays on time. 


Please minimize props. They need to have the bottoms covered with some floor protection- fabric, rubber, tape, etc. The individual/studio will be responsible for any damages. 


Mats will not be provided.

Studio Loyalty program: 

HUSTLE appreciates our studios and know without you, we would not be in business.  When you book with us for a competition, the following year you will get a discounted rate when you come back! We promise to earn your business time and time again. 

Refund policy:

All payments made to HUSTLE are nonrefundable. If you have to cancel for any reason, you will receive a credit that must be used the following year. 

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